Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) and Screen Repair / Replacement

Granite State Glass is the one stop shop for all of your glass needs in your home or at your business

Has your sliding glass door started to fog up? Or maybe you're noticing moisture inside one of your windows. Either way, the problem is the result of a broken seal. When the seal of an insulated glass unit has been compromised, air can seep in between the two panes of glass. This results in moisture entering the window and making it appear “fogged”. Granite State Glass can visit your home (our quotes are always free) and determine the exact size and make up of your failed IGU. Then we will order and install the new IGU when it arrives in a few days, giving you and your home the view you should have!

Granite State Glass can also rescreen your damaged screens. Whether just your screen is damaged, the frame of your screen is damaged or even if the screen is lost GSG can repair or replace your screens. Not only can Granite State Glass repair or replace any screen for your windows, doors or skylights, GSG has a wide variety of screen options to choose from including the always popular “Pet Screen” that will keep your pets in your good graces.

So let Granite State Glass help insure you are getting the clear views and refreshing breezes you deserve at your home and business.