Your Insurance Claim

Many Granite State Glass clients have never filed an insurance claim for a broken windshield before. If you do have an auto glass claim you are going to be claiming through your insurance, let Granite State Glass help you file the claim and take care of all the paperwork for you!

We are approved by -and- direct bill all insurance companies.

Three Way Calling

When you call GSG, we initiate a three-way call between GSG, you, and your insurance company. This will ensure all participants have accurate information and your glass claim can be set up to be performed as soon as possible, very often the same day!

Don't Be "Steered" Wrong

Another great reason to call Granite State Glass and have us initiate a three-way conference call is to avoid "Steering".

Exactly what is Steering?

Almost all insurance companies today employ "Third Party Administrators" or TPA's to handle the incoming calls and processing of their auto glass claims. Insurance companies are able to save money and streamline their claims process.

However, there are some TPA's that are actually national glass companies. They may answer the phone "ABC Insurance Claims" but they are an employee of a glass company. Their true goal is to garner that glass claim for their glass company. They will stop at nothing to get the claim. Let your claims representative know you choose to have Granite State Glass do the work… it is your right to choose where you would like to bring your vehicle for glass repair and replacement.

They may try to tell you that Granite State Glass is not an approved vendor…

FALSE - we are approved by and direct bill all insurance companies.

They may try to tell you that Granite State Glass does not service that area…

FALSE - GSG services all of NH with their 14 locations.

For most people their automobile is one of their biggest investments. Auto glass repair and replacement is an exacting and demanding process that is necessary to insure your safety. Don’t let a claims representative on the other side of the country tell you where you "can" or "can't" bring your car.

When you have the need for auto glass, let your claims representative know "I would like to use Granite State Glass."